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More dance at PIFA

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Building on Balanchine
Pennsylvania Ballet Company
Merriam Theater
April 14-17, 2011
Review of April 16 m/

Montage a Trois (world premiere)
Jeanne Ruddy Dance
April 14-17, 2011
Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Hamilton Bldg, Tuttleman Galleries
Review of April 17 m

Pennsylvania Ballet’s highlight this weekend at PIFA was Agon, the Stravinsky-Balanchine collaboration whose counterpoint is like human chess. The dance’s arguments are accentuated by the music’s austerity and the dancer’s black and white rehearsal clothes. At the Saturday matinee Lauren Fadeley and James Ihde’s long pas de deux kept my attention riveted.

Benjamin Millepied’s world premiere “This Part in Darkness” showed the company’s passion for velocity and its feel for David Lang’s intense score The live feed at the Merriam Theater did not greatly enhance the dance. It started in the lobby with a kind of “Black Swan” psychodrama and followed the dancers onstage, backstage, etc until it became intrusive. Millipied’s movement not the mirror imagery impresses. The dancers aced the dance.

At the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Jeanne Ruddy’s highly interactive collaboration with her artist Elizabeth Osborne – kept audiences moving up and down the modern gallery and happily. It was the first time dance has been performed at the Hamilton. Ruddy and Osborne collaborated with video artist Ellen Fishman- Johnson who projected 16 of Osborne’s paintings on a giant screen. The paintings were presented in their original state then cleverly manipulated or faded out. Costumes were keyed well to Osborne’s palette. Dances that stick in the memory are the women’s trio for “Colorfield” and a duo for “ Visit II.” A male duet was Chaplinesque.

The music was recorded, mostly Satie, some Debussy The most striking dance suggested the joys of klezmer before seeming to exhaust even itself This time daylight – from those wonderful Tuttleman windows – was the art.
Lots more dance at PIFA.


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April 18, 2011 at 4:07 am

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