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Bedside Table: Cezanne’s Quarry

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Cezanne's Quarry (Pegasus Books) by Barbara Corrado Pope

Who can be without a stack. Lighter reading this month: a first novel by Barbara Corrado Pope. A mystery involving Paul Cezanne and Emil Zola (who did write a novel inspired by his artist friend). The fabrications: an English geologist who follows the theories of Darwin and of Sir Charles Lyell, the Scotsman whose theories greatly influenced Darwin. A French beauty with a beautiful mind supports the Englishman. The French beauty is the victim. She and her scientist-Significant-Other hold salons to discuss the new-and-controversial theories.

Corrado- Pope teaches gender studies at the University of Oregon. Her love story is the spider in the web of mid-19th French tumult. The Catholic Church battling Science; women treated as chattel and worse. Though the whodunnit of Cezanne’s Quarry is predictable, the facts of life for females of any status were exceedingly grim; the author’s grasp of these is significant. It is always pleasant to gain a slight awareness of artist’s life, and Cezanne’s granddaughter, has endorsed the first novel, which is set in Aixe en Provence of the Midi. Corrado-Pope shows affection for her characters, some promise developing dialogue, but the plot is forced.

March 25, she will discuss Cezanne’s Quarry at The Ethical Society, 1906 Rittenhouse Square. Alliance Francais sponsors. There will be a Provencal buffet.

Reservations: 215- 735-5283
$15 for members of the Alliance or the Barnes Foundation. Non-members: $25.


Written by Lesley Valdes

February 22, 2010 at 6:46 pm

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